Meulendijks Packaging offers the highest degree of service. The company has at its disposal a large warehouse containing a stock of all products. The current 24-hours economy poses high demands and transparent agreements with customers are important.

Delivered within 24 hours

In consultation with our regular carriers orders, when placed before noon, can be delivered to customers in the Benelux and western Germany within 24 hours. Container orders can be picked up within 48 hours. As we have everything in stock, we can almost always deliver everything in one delivery, thereby eliminating back-orders.

Small and large orders

We produce ourselves and can thereby handle large, but also smaller orders. We are flexible.

Customization Possible

Because we do product development, and production from granulat to end-product in-house, we strive for the highest level of service. Also when it comes to customization. Click here for more information.


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