Leading from our own strength

Meulendijks Packaging is a family-owned business, set up in Helmond in 1959 as a retailer for paper and plastic packaging materials. In 1984 the company started producing A-Snack trays. Thanks to the company’s experience as a retailer, Meulendijks Verpakkingen always speaks its customers’ language when it comes to service and quality. Because of this, and because of the company’s fast delivery times, Meulendijks Verpakkingen continued to strengthen its position as a strong manufacturing facility in plastics.

Working together for grip on quality

To further guarantee the quality of its products, it was decided to manufacture semifinished thermoform products in-house. The extrusion process – converting plastic granules into plastic foil – opened up new opportunities for the company. As it turned out, the step towards injection molding was only a small one … one that was eventually made.

In-house production of half-finished and end-products

In-house production of both half finished and end-products turned out to be a huge success. In this way Meulendijks Packaging gained the grip on quality it was looking for, and the flexibility and independence to provide its customers with excellent service. It was the basis for the current success.

Growing to be the best of the Netherlands

Finally, a continuous focus on quality, flexibility and expanding production and distribution opportunities assured Meulendijks Packaging became the best of the Netherlands. We are proud of it!


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