Top grade quality

The products of Meulendijks Packaging are of a high quality. They are produced in an environmentally responsible manner and can be recycled in an environmentally conscious way. As a result, the products of Meulendijks Packaging are easy on the environment.

BRC certificate

The products are made of the three-layer Enreps® (enclosed recycled polystyrene) foil. The top and bottom layer consist of a first-class GPPS that is 100% suitable for food applications. The intermediate layer is a combination of clean, recycled PS and new PS. The products are recyclable and meet the migration test as described in our BRC certificate. Click here for more information.

Energy saving

The special composition of the foil allows for a 10% savings in plastic use in the final product without any loss of quality. This, in turn, leads to energy savings in manufacturing and thus, less impact on the environment.

Fully Recyclable

Meulendijks Packaging does not add foreign raw materials to its production process. As a result, the products are completely recyclable with other types of PS and no harmful substances are released during the recycle process. All remaining waste from the production process is re-used.

Low transport tax

Transportation is less of a burden to the environment, thanks to the light weight of our products, the use of ecological packaging, optimal pallet loading and the prevention of back orders.

Waste in the waste bins

To ensure an optimal environment-friendly use of our products, it is essential that they are not left out on the street, but deposited in the appropriate waste bins. This allows them to be recycled and this is how we keep our environment clean.

Plastic hero campaign

Everywhere in the country is now collected and recycled plastic. The plastic hero campaign is topical and Meulendijks Packaging works fully, through the plastic hero logo on some of its recyclable products. This enables the users to responsible use of plastic waste which makes this repeatedly in new products.

Meulendijks disposables guarantee environmental and corporate social responsibility.Meulendijks disposables are a guarantee for environmentally and socially responsible  entrepreneurship.. Download document environmental service (pdf)


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