Highest BRC AA Status

BRC AA Status

Highest BRC AA status

The first fact is that Meulendijks has received the highest AA BRC status. This is an additional encouragement for our ongoing efforts in the area of product and quality improvement. On a daily basis we work on process improvement where you and your end customers benefit. See also our page about quality. Our investment in the realization of a completely new production line APET is there also a blatant example of.

BRC regulations tightened

What makes our AA certification extra special is that BRC certification itself has become stricter on a large number of items. Things that added or changed to the BRC certification include: senior management Involvement and continuous improvement, food safety (HACCP), internal audit plan, management of suppliers of raw materials and packaging, Corrective & preventive measures, traceability, layout, product flow, order and cleanliness, Operational management, Label and packaging control/management, Training of staff working/use of raw materials, preparation, processing, packaging and storage areas. Learn more about the BRC certification can be found in this brochure.

Quality of Dutch origin

With Meulendijks you are guaranteed of Dutch products with the highest quality imaginable. The BRC AA Status is evidence of this. Add to this the fast delivery, innovative products, favorable pricing, the flexibility in production and stock possibilities and the excellent logistics services, and you know where you have to go to.


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