Menuboxes MICROW.~FREEZE*®

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MICROW.~FREEZE*® boxes are made of heat-resistant polystyrene, PS/PPE, heat-resistant to 125C and cold resistant to -20C. This makes them suitable for microwave and deep-freezer. An important advantage of MICROW.~FREEZE*® boxes as compared to PP-boxes is that they maintain their stability and rigidity when heated. Heating meals in these boxes thus becomes much safer. MICROW.~FREEZE*® boxes can be sealed just like PP-boxes.

Menu-boxes 1-compartment

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-1

M50-1-compartment. PS/PPE 227x177x50 1350cc

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-1

M30-1-compartment. PS/PPE 227x177x30 1000cc

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-1

Lid 227 m PS/petg 227x177x15

Menu-boxes 2-compartments

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-2 pockets

M45-2-compartment. PS/PPE 227x177x45 700cc + 445cc

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-2 pockets

M33-2-compartment. PS/PPE 227x177x33 480cc + 310cc

Menu-boxes 3-compartments

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-3 pockets


M45-three-compartment. PS/PPE 227x177x45 560 + 300 + 210cc

Bake-Mircrow menu Freeze-3 pockets

M33-3-compartment. PS/PPE 227x177x33 390 + 210 + 150cc


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